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Harveysfeedback Survey: Harvey’s is a chain of restaurants serving delicious fast food in Canada. It serves delicious, mouth-watering food like hamburgers, French fries, poutine, onion rings, and hot dogs. It is mostly known for its delectable, rich taste of burgers. The restaurant is currently owned by Recipe Unlimited and its founders are Rick Mauran and George B Sukornyk

At present, Harvey’s operates in almost 300 locations across Canada and has more than 6,000 employees working for it. Its headquarters is in Vaughan, Canada. And it was founded in Richmond hill in 1959. It has been working since then with beautiful slogans.

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 HarveyFeedbackHarvey’s Customer Experience Survey

Harveysfeedback survey

 Harveysfeedback survey is where you can take the survey. The Customer Experience Survey is important because the restaurant takes your answers, opinions, or any query, or complaints seriously and provides you with the best services exactly how you want or desire. It uses your given information only for you.   Here’s the step-by-step procedure for you, so that you don’t face any difficulty or complications and take the survey with ease. 

Harvey's Survey - www.Harveysfeedback.com - Earn a Coupon

  • First of all, open the official website of Harvey’s survey, www.harveysfeedback.com
  • When you’ll open the website, you will be needed to fill up your details such as Name, Phone number, email ID, date of the visit, branch of Harvey’s you visited, access code, etc
  • After filling in all the required details correctly, press the ‘SUBMIT’ button. 
  • You will be needed to answer a few questions regarding your recent experience at Harvey’s. The questions will be about the staff’s behavior, the services, food, price rates, the Menu, the opening and closing hours of the restaurant, etc. You will have to answer all the questions honestly, whether good or bad, and rate your satisfaction level accordingly. 
  • After answering the questionnaire, you’ll have to give some of your important data such as phone number, and email.
  • Once you have filled up everything necessary, you will receive Harvey’s survey code on your number or e-mail. You can use the code on your next visit to Harvey’s for amazing offers.


 The following requirements must be met and taken care of for the proper conducting of the survey, without any difficulty:  

  • A mobile or laptop on which you can take the survey.
  • A good internet/wifi connection.
  • To be able to read or understand the English language.
  • Having the receipt with you at the time of taking surveys. 


 There are some rules and regulations for participating in the survey that you must follow. These are: 

  • You must be of 18 or above age.
  • You can take the survey only once. 

Harvey's feedback survey

Terms & Conditions

 Harveysfeedback survey has some terms and conditions which you must know about before taking up the survey.  

  • The workers at Harvey’s, their family members, or agents can not take up the  Survey.  
  • The email ID you provide should be correct and valid to receive your coupon code. 
  • The offer will only be available in one way, it won’t change or transfer into any other form.


 Once you’ve completed all the formalities and filled in every essential detail, you will receive a coupon code on your email ID in a few minutes. You can enjoy the amazing offers of the coupon code the next time you visit Harvey’s and save money.



 If you have any query or complaint regarding any service, staff, food, prices, etc, there are many ways to contain Harvey’s.  

  • You can take up the survey and write about your experience and queries. 
  • You can call on Harvey’s customer care number, i.e, 416-940-5622 or 1-844-729-7828. 
  • You can go to the official website of Harvey’s and there you will find three options to connect with them. These are: 
  • Write to Us: You can write about your experience and anything you want to talk about and after you submit, they will contact you. 
  • Chat with us: In this section, you can chat with them via text and solve your doubts or any complaints you have.
  • Call us: You can call on the official number of Harvey’s here and directly talk to them about anything.

Concluding, Harvey’s survey should be taken and answered with your honest opinions, even if it’s bad. There shouldn’t be any lie and everything you mention should be true and accurate. You will have to answer everything and rate your satisfaction based on your experience when you visited Harvey’s. The restaurant uses your given information to make the services and everything else better and according to your desires. It works and provides everything just as you like it to be.


 Q1: When and where was the Harvey’s founded?

 Ans: Harveysfeedback was founded in the year 1959, in Richmond hill, Canada. 

 Q2: What is it best known for? 

 Ans: It is famously known for its delicious, mouth-watering, and rich taste hamburgers. They’ve been proudly serving these amazingly delectable burgers since 1959. 

Q3: Where can I find its outlets?

Ans: You can find Harvey’s restaurants all across Canada, i.e. around 300 outlets. Except for British Columbia, you can find an ample number of restaurants in the whole of Canada. There are 274 restaurants in Canada and 46 restaurants in Quebec.

Q4: Who founded the Harvey’s?

 Ans: The famous Harvey’s was founded by Rick Mauran and George B Sukornyk.

 Q5: What are Harvey’s taglines? 

 Ans: Harvey’s had used various slogans and taglines since the beginning. These slogans are very unique and creative. Some of these are:  

  • We make you spoiled with charbroiled.
  • Harveys make your hamburger a beautiful thing.
  • You know my tastes, Harveys
  • Taste. The real thing
  • Long live the grill.
  • Meat. Fire. Good. 
  • You have a taste.
  • To each his burger (the present one).

Q6: Who owns the Harvey’s? 

 Ans: The current owner of Harvey’s is Recipe Unlimited which was known as Cara Operations before. 

 Q7: Does it serve pizzas? 

 Ans:  No, Harvey’s doesn’t serve pizzas. It serves delicious burgers, onion fried rings, hot dogs, and Canada’s traditional fast food.

 Q8: What provinces does the Harvey’s have? 

 Ans:  The Harvey’s can be seen in various provinces in Canada like Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Saskatchewan. 

 Q9: Why are there no Harvey’s in British Columbia? 

 Ans:  It is so because it wasn’t running well and failing constantly in British Columbia. COVID-19 was partly responsible for this. So the workers quit and the Harvey’s there stopped operating. 

 Q10: How can I connect to the Harvey’s? 

 Ans: As mentioned above in the article, you can call them, take the survey, or visit their official website and write or chat with them. 

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