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Want a free meal? Be a part of the today!: Does Panda Express satisfy your food cravings? Do you want to know more about how to get a free meal from Panda Express? Then, you should know everything about the survey conducted by Panda Express. The survey is required to understand the customers, their experience, and their opinions.

Surveys are taken up by the business chains to gather all the necessary opinions from their customers. The survey data will help them explore and develop their weak areas. The survey will also help them to introduce new items on their menu based on the customers’ likes and dislikes. To improve the quality and taste of any dish the business chains conduct these surveys. The survey aims to help in the company’s growth and development.

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Apart from this, the survey will help them in identifying all emerging trends.  The necessary steps to be taken to fulfill customer satisfaction. The survey will help the company get details of its business and survey its development and growth. So, whatever details and rates are provided should be done with honesty and sincerity. survey

Panda Express has recently released their official links for their surveys. Purchase two plates entry in Panda Express, and you can win a free entry coupon item. Visit Panda Express and take the survey soon. Before taking up the survey there are some points you should know. Take a look below-

How to take the survey

To take part in the survey, the candidate should have a device. Then, you can visit the page  By visiting either of the websites you can start to provide the Panda Express survey.

  After this, you can give a survey for Panda Express in two ways-

Panda express/feedback

Online entry

You can provide the Panda Express survey by visiting Panda Express. Follow the below-mentioned steps to provide and complete your Panda Express Survey-

  • For this, the first thing is to purchase from Panda Express. You will receive a receipt that will help you to participate in the survey.
  • After that visit Panda Express. to start your survey.
  • In the receipt, you will receive a 22-digit number that you have to enter in the provided space.
  • After that click on the start option.
  • There will be questions asked, which should be answered for the survey.
  • The questions will be on the basis of your satisfaction level received. You will have to click on the rank categories provided. 
  • The questions will be based on service order accuracy, food preparation, freshness, full appeal, and food temperature. Click on the rates honestly.
  • The next question will be based on how likely will you visit within a month and recommend Panda Express to others.
  • In the next step, you will be asked questions based on the classification of your personal information like gender, age, etc.
  • The candidates will have to provide personal information to complete the survey. After this, you will reach the last stage.
  • After the survey, a validation code will be received from you. The validation code should be noted on the backside of the receipt from Panda Express.
  • To get the free meal or entrée after completing your survey, from Panda Express, you should bring the receipt along with the validation code.

By phone entry

It is the easiest way to provide your Panda Express survey. Follow the below-stated steps to finish the survey-

  • First, the purchase from Panda Survey is necessary. The receipt received should be kept safe.
  • You will find a number on the back side of the receipt. You will have to call the number 1-888-51-PANDA to start your survey.
  • After purchasing the product, within two days the survey should be conducted by the candidates.
  • Questions will be asked to you on the phone for completing the survey.
  • At the compu of the receipt, the candidates will be provided with a validation code. Note down the validation code for future reference.
  • After completing the survey, you can bring the receipt from Panda Express and receive the free meal or entrée for the Panda Express survey provided.


To provide the Panda Express survey, you should fulfill certain requirements. Carefully read the below-mentioned points before starting the survey.

  • You must be a permanent resident living in the United States.
  • A purchase receipt that has the survey code from Panda Express is required.
  • An electronic device and stable internet connection.
  • Understanding of basic English.
  • The validation code is provided at the completion of the survey.


Before taking up the Panda Express survey, you should be well aware of the rules stated for the survey.

  • The age of candidates should be 18 years old at least.
  • The receipt codes for the Panda Survey are valid for only two days. The survey should be attempted within two days.
  • Each person can buy only one coupon on one purchase.
  • Cash is not always included or provided in the survey.
  • To receive a free entrance item from Panda Express, a receipt will be necessary.

Terms and conditions

There are a few terms and conditions that should be kept in mind before filling up the Panda Express survey. These are-

  • You cannot be a Panda Express employee.
  • The person should be above 18 years or above.
  • A recent item was purchased from Panda Express.
  • A survey should be provided within two days 
  • Only one person can apply for one coupon.
  • No cash shall be provided in exchange for coupons.
  • Only free meals or coupons will be provided as a reward.
  • Basic English language understanding.
  • The correct information is to be provided.

Benefits and Rewards

When you complete the survey process, the company over you a validation code at the end. Copy the code at the backside of your purchase receipt. By filling up the survey, the company offers you a win of a free meal, a coupon, or a free entree.

You will reward among either the three benefits-

  • A free entrée
  • Food discounts
  • Free meals

Customer Service

Panda Express adheres to each of its customer’s needs. The website has provided all the important details required for their customer service requirements. To avail the customer service, you can check out the following contact details provided by Panda Express-

  • Panda Express contact number: 1-800-877-8988
  • Panda Express survey Contact number: 626-799-9898.
  • Panda Express address for mailing: Panda Express Guest Care, 
  • P.O. Box 1159 Rosemead, CA 91770.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • From where do I get the 22-digit survey code?

You will get your purchase receipt from Panda Express.

  • How many days the purchase receipt from Panda Express is valid for providing the survey?

The purchase receipt is valid for two days for providing the survey for Panda Express.

  • What limit is set for age for providing Panda Express Survey?

Yes. The age should be 18 years of age or above.

  • How to avail a free entrée or a free meal at Panda Express?

To avail of your free entrée or a free meal at Panda Express you need to complete the survey process at their official site. From the receipt enter the 22-digit number. Answer the questions and then provide your personal information and finally get your validation code for a free meal or a free entrée.

  • What are the things needed to take part in the Panda Express survey?

The first important thing required is the purchase receipt from Panda Express. A 22-digit number and also a phone to provide the Panda Express Survey.


To wrap up. We thereby understood that the aim of the survey conducted by the companies is to attract new customers and to satisfy their existing customers too. If you are a frequent visitor of Panda Express, you should definitely be a part of this survey. By taking the survey you can state your opinions and suggestions that the company will look into. To help you undertake the survey, the article contains all the necessary information for the Panda Express Survey.

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