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PublixSurvey only operates in the United States, with locations in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. If you are in these states, you can use their website ( to explore weekly deals and order some items online for delivery or pickup. Having been around for almost a century, Publix has come a long way from its humble beginnings to now being the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the nation. They pride themselves on giving back to the community and providing excellent customer service to their patrons.

Publix Survey At

Publix is a brand of supermarkets in the United States. It was first established by George W. Jenkins in the 1930s. They are a chain of grocery stores with headquarters in Lakeland, Florida. As a grocery chain, they are well-known for selling upscale foods.  When compared to other supermarkets, Publix Super Markets offer fresh produce and service of the highest caliber. In return, they ask their customers to provide feedback at


PublixSurvey Customer Satisfaction Survey | Publix Super Markets

Official PortalWww.Publixsurvey.Com
Name of the SurveyPublixsurvey
Purchase Required?No
Entry Type:Online & By Mail
Age Limit:18 & More
Survey Prize:Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes Prize:$1000 Gift Card
Monthly Entry Limit:3

How you can win rewards through this Publix survey

You have a fantastic chance of winning up to $1,000 in gift cards if you take the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey. All you have to do is simply answer a few simple questions about your experience with customer service at Publix.

Buy your groceries at your local Publix store and submit your thoughts and opinions at This Publix poll will automatically enter you in the chance to win one of three possible $1,000 gift cards.

To make the whole process easy for you, we have listed clear instructions to follow in this article. The entire process will be conducted over at Firstly, it is vital to understand the guidelines for being eligible to fill out this Publix survey. official

Important Details about Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • The URL for the survey is
  • The maximum possible reward given for completing the survey is a $1000 gift card.
  • The process through which this survey is conducted is online.
  • The entry limit is limited to one per survey code.
  • To participate in the survey, you must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The survey can be filled out in either English or Spanish.


Rules for the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey

Please carefully read the guidelines for the survey, as you must abide by them to be eligible to win the rewards.

  • You must be able to verify that you are an adult of at least 18 years or older.
  • You must be a legal resident of South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, or Georgia.
  • You do not need to pay to complete the survey; participating is free of charge.
  • Only a single survey can be submitted per survey code.
  • Employees are not permitted to take part in the survey.
  • Brand affiliates are also not allowed to take part in the survey.
  • Winners will need to pay taxes on any prizes they receive.
  • The participant accepts to be bound by all contest regulations when participating.

Remember that you can only take the Publix Survey on the official website at

What do you require for the survey at

The following are all the things you will need to have handy before completing the survey:

  • An email address that you regularly check and use
  • Your most recent Publix Store receipt
  • A smart device with a strong internet connection
  • Fluency in either English or Spanish
  • A few minutes of your day.

Having all of these things prepared before you do the survey will allow you to complete it with ease.

Step-by-Step Guide to the Publix Store Guest Feedback Survey

Follow these steps to take the survey and provide your feedback to Publix today!

  1. Open the page.
  2. Carefully read the instructions for the survey.
  3. If you are fluent in English, click the “Start Survey in English” button. If you feel more comfortable filling out the survey in Spanish, select “Start Survey in Spanish”.
  4. Fill in all the necessary data, such as the Store Number, Survey Code, and Timestamp. All of this information can be retrieved from the bottom of the transaction receipt. The majority of the data on your receipt will be laid out similarly as in the picture on the site. 
  5. Click “Submit” so that they can verify your information.
  6. Click “Next” to go to the actual survey at

Some Restrictions of the Publix Survey

Every employee has a stake in the business, so their evaluations of the brand will potentially be skewed. Therefore, the poll is not open to any Publix stakeholders or employees. If you reside in a state without a Publix location, you will not be able to access Without a receipt from a store, you will not be able to access the online survey form.

If you are the lucky winner of the $1,000 sweepstake gift card, you are not permitted to trade it for cash or give it to anyone else. It is for your personal use and can be redeemed at any Publix outlet.

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Steps for Publix Survey

After you have filled out the necessary information, the survey will just ask you several questions about your most recent experience shopping at Publix. Share your responses and feedback based on your most recent trip to and your perceptions of your local Publix store.

How satisfied were you with Publix’s products and customer service?

Be as truthful as you can when responding to every mandatory survey question. Fill in the blanks with your phone number, name, address, email address, and any other pertinent information that Publix can use to reach you about your feedback and possible prize.

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To participate in the Publix Store Survey Sweepstakes, provide the requested personal information and opinions. You will receive a message shortly to let you know that you have automatically been entered into the lucky draw.

Why fill out the survey?

Customers who complete the survey at Publix are frequently awarded $1,000 in grocery store gift cards. Although everybody who completes the survey is eligible for the contest, winners often receive their gift cards months after entering. So why wait? Visit the official website, participate in the contest, and win big!

Contact Details

  • Official Website:
  • Contact Number: +1 (800) 242 – 1227
  • Address:  Summer 2022 C/O Publix®, 3300 Publix® Corporate Parkway, Lakeland, FL – 33811, United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1: Will the Publix Survey protect the privacy of my personal information?

A1: Your answers will be kept 100% confidential, and they will not change the level of service you receive from Publix. Your identity will not be made public unless you receive the $1000 gift card, and even so, personal details will not be released. Visit for additional information about privacy and security.

Q2: Why does trying to load online result in an error code?

A2: If you are unable to access the survey page or if an error message appears on your screen, do not be alarmed. Wait a little while before trying again. If you are facing the same issue for a prolonged period of time, call Publix’s customer support at the toll-free number listed on their social media platforms.

Q3: How will I know whether I have won or not?

A3: The online winner list for the contest is available at You can explore all details pertaining to previous victors. Search for your name, and if you see it there, congratulations! You have just won a prize from the lucky draw. You can enter to win up to $1000 by completing the Publix customer satisfaction survey on the PublixSurvey website. Go to to get started. Publix is very curious to know its customer base’s preferences and issues. This is why they want to ask you directly how they can enhance your client experience. 

Ultimately, Publix is aiming to both keep its current clientele and attract new ones. Therefore, they are willing to pay you to assist them in client surveys. 

Customers who complete the survey will receive a free entry into the sweepstakes where they can win a chance to win a $1000 Publix gift card. Check your email regularly for updates after you complete the survey.

Q4: How Do I Complete the Publix Survey?

A4: Before doing the Publix Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must first purchase something from a Publix outlet.

  • Be sure to safely store the receipt from your latest purchase at Publix and have it on hand before starting the survey.
  • Go to to access the Publix Survey website.
  • Decide whether you are more comfortable filling out the survey in English or Spanish.
  • Start the survey.
  • The site will prompt you to enter the store number, survey code, and timestamp. All of this information can be found on the front of your receipt.
  • Once you have entered all of this information, click the Next button.
  • Answer all of the questions about your experience at Publix.
  • After responding to the survey’s questions, provide your name and contact information (phone number, home address, and email address). 
  • You should now submit the survey, after which you are automatically entered into the sweepstakes.

Q5: What Are the Survey Rules?

A5: There are numerous regulations you must keep in mind before filling out the survey.

  • Participation is restricted to citizens of legal residents of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • For online entry, a purchase receipt is necessary. Entry via mail is allowed without charge.
  • You can only win up to three $1,000 gift cards.
  • Incorrect information will not enable you to be entered into the sweepstakes.

Q6. Does the Publix Survey Really Have Winners?

A6: We can verify that many people have won rewards upon completion of the Publix Survey. Our suggestions above hopefully explain how you can improve your chances of winning a $1,000 shopping spree.

Wrapping Up

The Publix survey is easy to complete and offers you the fantastic opportunity to buy $1000 worth of goods at your local Publix store. By following the above procedures, you will be guaranteed to earn your fair share of points and receive a hefty bonus from Publix themselves.

We genuinely hope that you have found this post informative and helpful. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the space below. Also, if you liked the content of this guide, please spread the word to your loved ones.

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