Take Super Dry Survey at Www.mysuperdrystory.com to win $500 Gift Voucher

This Super Dry Survey was conducted by Superdry itself amongst 1000 people across the UK. Research shows that European consumers most likely yearn to purchase Japanese brands which is reflected in their purchase decisions. Packaging and products which are usually scripted in Japanese or have a sense of Japanese culture embedded in their design may exude a certain level of quality and charm in the consumer’s perception.

Superdry is a luxury clothing brand and is branded for its relaxed, sporty style with an adventurous kick. It was started by Julian Dunkerton and possesses a significant collection with hints of vintage Americana and Japanese-style text and graphics. According to a survey, 59% of British consumers preferred sustainably made clothes over buying fast fashion apparel.

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Superdry Customer Satisfaction Survey

Businesses and researchers across all brands seldom conduct surveys to find out some specific important questions. They usually have miscellaneous formats that are strategically planned and structured to receive the most accurate data.

The Superdry Store invites its customers to visit its official website www.mysuperdrystory.com to give the Superdry Customer Feedback Survey at its portal. By completing the Superdry Guest Satisfaction Survey, the customer will be allowed to win a $100 Gift voucher.

Welcome... Complete our quick survey and you could win a R500.00 Takealot voucher!

How to take the Superdry survey?


  • For filling out the Superdry survey, you must first visit where the SuperDry store places an online survey program.
  • Choose any language you wish to take the survey in such as Spanish, Netherlands, French, or Dutch.
  • Click on Continue
  • After opening the Superdry Survey page you are required to provide some personal information such as store number, till number, Transaction Number, Date of your visit to the store, Time of the visit, and the amount you have spent from your receipt.
  • All of the mentioned information must be valid otherwise you will not be able to enter the survey.
  • After verifying the store number, till number, Transaction Number, Date, Time, and the amount you have spent you will be allowed to start the survey. 
  • Here, you will be asked about your experience with Superdry and it will ask you to rate some of its products, stores, etc. 
  • You are kindly requested to share your rating honestly with Superdry stores so that they can work on improving your satisfaction level on your next visit.
  • You will be inquired with some questions on your next visit
  • At the end of the survey, enter your contact details and a few details to join the Superdry Store Sweepstakes.
  • After filling in all the questions, you will be allowed to enter to win a reward. 
  • You will get a message that will inform you about your entry into the contest.

 Superdry Guest Satisfaction Survey requirements

  • Your age must be over 18 or older to enter and win the survey.
  • There is no need to purchase and it is not necessary at all.
  • One person is allowed to only enter one time per week.
  • You must be a resident of the US or the District of Columbia.
  • Employees of the Superdry company and their affiliated people are not eligible to enter the Superdry Survey.

Superdry Guest Opinion Survey Requirements

  • The latest copy of your Superdry receipt is required.
  • A mobile or a laptop device 
  • Good internet connection 

Superdry Terms and conditions for participation in the Survey

  • Eligibility

It is not intended for children below the age of 18 years old or the legal age permitted by the country for providing their consent for their personal information to be processed by any third party. If a person is below the age bar, they will not be allowed to take the Survey. 

  • Account

You will be required to create an account. You will have to provide, maintain and update information about yourself. You will have to agree to the term that you are not impersonating any other person or entity or misinterpreting your personal information, identity, or affiliation with any person or entity which might include you using someone else’s username, password, account information, name, likeness, voice, photograph, etc. 

official Super Dry Survey

Kindly refrain from providing others with access to your account which might lead to an account breach or hacking. 

  • Your responsibilities
  1. The agreement that you sign in to use will only be for Lawful Purposes. It won’t be used in any sort of manner that can HTTPSdamage, disable, overburden or impair the company’s policies.
  2. You agree that Superdry might cease your account immediately upon any kind of violation of the rules and regulations.
  3. You and you are solely responsible for any charges, fees, or any other costs related to the Survey.
  4. Superdry is not liable for any kind of failure in the delivery of text messages.
  • Submissions
  1. You are solely responsible for every submission of every detail, information, etc.
  2. Liability for any damage such as infringement of copyrights, proprietary rights, or any other harm in concern to your submission may befall you and not any other person/company. 
  3. The company will have the full right to use your submissions anytime, anywhere, or for any purpose without any obligation to you.
  4. The submissions might also be made publicly available without an expectation of privacy. You have voluntarily submitted your information at your own risk.
  5. The brand is not legally responsible for any kind of submissions made by the customer that may even be defamatory or questionable.

Superdry Customer Service

For General Inquiry

  • Superdry Plc 
  • Unit 60
  • The Runnings
  • Cheltenham
  • Gloucestershire
  • GL51 9NW
  • Telephone number: +44 (0) 01242 578 376

Customer care

Email address: [email protected]

Media Inquiries

[email protected]

  • Global Wholesale, Franchise, and New Business Enquiries
  • Stratford Place Entrance 
  • Avon House
  • 360-366 Oxford Street 
  • London W1S 1BU
  • United Kingdom
  • Email Address: [email protected]


Points to remember before filling in the survey

  1. Check if the website you have logged into is secure or not by checking for the green padlock or to the left of the address bar. 
  2. Check the customer care information. Every legitimate website, company, or brand will have a “Contact Us” section given at the bottom of the page. It should not contain any kind of blank forms in which you will have to enter personal information. 
  3. Check for spelling or grammar errors in the URL or the website.
  4. Kindly look for HTTPS://. If the website starts with HTTP:// it might be a fake or an illegal one.
  5. Read all the terms and conditions carefully before signing up and submitting your personal information.
  6. Check customer feedback and reviews on legitimate sources online.
  7. Watch out for pop-up advertisements.
  8. If they ask for your card details or PIN, they will 100% be a fake website.


1. Who is Superdry’s target audience?

Ans: The age that is being targeted by Superdry is under-25, 25-35, and over-35 which is a highly broader base than expected previously. 

2. How can someone contact Superdry?

Ans: If you are not satisfied with your experience with Superdry you can contact the customer services team directly by calling on 03333212222 or by emailing them at [email protected].

3. Is there any age restriction for participating in the survey?

Ans: Yes, only people above the age of 18 are eligible to enter the survey.


A survey is taken to collect data based on consumer behavior, product preferences, and industry trends which helps in making better business decisions. by taking the Superdry survey not only you will be able to avail amazing benefits but also help the brand become better in every aspect.

It provides highly specific details about what the market wants from the companies they are buying from or plan to buy from. So, by filling out surveys for companies you will help to provide important data with behavioral data for an overall idea of how you think about the products and the brand itself which helps significantly.

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