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What is the Most efficient way for a company or business to know their customer opinion and thoughts about them? We can say that conducting the Talktoboots survey is the most brilliant way to know that. Talktoboots is a customer opinion and experience survey taken by boots to learn about their business all over the country. The primary purpose of this survey taken by boots is to create an abstract bond between customers and the company and know their views and thoughts about their products and treatment quality. This survey also accounts for the experiences of their visit and makes suggestions for better improvement of their facilities.

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Talktoboots.com Official Survey

Welcome to Talktoboots

This survey not only benefits the customer with unique rewards and gifts but also helps Boots to know about customer satisfaction through customers themselves. And that can only be done by feedback given by the customer, and the platform where the customer can leave their concern and compliments is the TalktoBoots survey.
Boots is a reputable pharmaceutical beauty health care product company that has more than 2200 stores across the country that has a target of giving better services through local pharmacies and large compound health treatment and beauty stores.

Survey nameTalktoboots 
Survey’s linkhttps://r.talktoboots.com/gbr
Modes of taking surveyOnline
Required residency United kingdom
Limitations for age18 or more than that
Gifts and rewardsIPad mini 4, 200 pounds card point and 100 pounds boots gift card.
Entry 1 person per receipt 
PurchaseNot required 

They are also awarded as socially responsible businesses by the business committee as they not only focus on the profit and productivity of the business but also on the welfare of the community by taking care of their patients, colleagues, and customers. They are also in partnership with MacMillan cancer support care and actively participating in their role.
Its main aim is to be a comprehensive store that provides various services and facilities like Health care, beautification, and pharmacy necessities.

The origin of talktoboots was with small ventures, but their determined and innovative nature for getting new formulas in medicines is what that have bought them to open this many franchises across the country. So if you are ready to be the next owner of IPad mini four, then participate in the Talktoboots survey, and if you don’t know how, then no worries, we are here to guide you throughout your whole process. So please read the complete article to know more.

How to participate in the survey

There is only one way to participate in the survey, and that is online, so we will help you understand the procedures step-by-step. So follow these guidelines for participation in the survey –

  • First, if the invitation card is available to you, just log in to Talktobootspharmacy.com, enter the invitation code, and mention your time of visit for further procedures.
  • If you don’t have an invitation card, you might have the store receipt you got from your visit to the nearby boots pharmacy or beauty care store.
  • Then go to the website of survey Talktoboots.com and log in there and enter your unique code and time of visitation. After completion of this task, you will proceed to the next step.
  • Now the next step is to provide them with their rating on a scale of 1 to 9. Then, you have to give answers to the survey questions with your honest opinion and your visitation satisfaction and experience.
  • After this, you will be asked some basic questions like your gender and age. Then you will be forwarded to the next page, where you will be asked whether you want a chance to enter the prize draw section with a close-end question.
  • Then you will proceed to the next page, where you have to provide some genuine information about yourself. Like your name, email, phone number, etc.
    After providing all the necessary information and answering all the questions then, click on the ‘submit’ button, and then only you will receive your confirmation message.

Requirements for the survey

  • There are certain requirements for participating in the Talktoboots survey that must be fulfilled by the customer for taking the part survey, and they are as follows –
  • For participation in the survey, one must have an android mobile phone or laptop or pc with a fast server internet connection.
  • If you are entering the survey through invitation, then you must have the invitation card for the required code. If not, at least have the receipt of the store.
  • There is no requirement to make any type of payment or purchase for this survey.
  • The person who enters this survey must know one of the two languages- English & Spanish.
  • Participants must provide the needed information asked during the survey.

Talktoboots survey official

Rules and regulations

  • For participation in the survey, the customer must follow the norms and rules for knowing their eligibility criteria-
  • The customer who is participating in the survey must be 16 or 16+ to give the talktoboots survey feedback and must have a store visit receipt.
  • The customer who is participating in the survey must be 18 or above age for entering the prize drawing section.
  • The participants must be native residents of the United Kingdom or natives of Ireland.
  • The person must have a valid survey code and receipt for entering the survey.
  • Employees and workers of boots are not eligible to take part in the survey, including their family members and peers.
  • The reward will be given as a voucher gift, and they cannot barter it for money or anything.
  • The survey should be completed within the time frame given to the participants.
  • There is only one entry per person in a week.

Terms and conditions

  • Here are the terms and conditions that a customer must read before applying for the survey :
  • The survey will announce only one winner in a month for both the pharmacy and beauty health care stores.
  • Purchasing is not required for entering the prize drawing page or while listing your feedback.
  • The person who is entering the survey can only once in the calendar days participate in the prize by entering the contest.
  • This survey chooses winners randomly from the entries made, and the winner will be rewarded with an IPad mini 4.
  • The survey offer winner will be given 28 days to be in contact and claim his/ her reward from the date of the information. There is going to be a redraw if the person doesn’t respond.

Rewards and benefits of gifts

Talktoboots survey not only requires you to provide feedback but also gives some exciting and amazing rewards which work as an extrinsic motivation for you. Through this rewarding system, many customers were attracted and convinced to take the survey. So here are some benefits of taking the part survey –
After completing the survey, the lucky draw winner is gifted with an IPad mini 4 of 128GB with a Wi-Fi connection. This gift should be reached to the winners through the mail.
Other rewards are some cash prizes and store gift cards like 200 European pounds card points and 100 pounds boots store gift cards.
By taking this survey, you provide your experience of the visitation, and by that, the company takes the suggestion for better implementation of their establishments.

Helpful tips

After entering the contest, make sure to check the announcement made by talktoboots regarding their next winner. You never know that you may possibly become the new winner.
While providing the required information, always be sure to check that you have given the correct information and there is no mistake; otherwise, your entry can be disqualified. So double-check your mobile number, address, and name.

If the above information is provided correctly, then it makes the procedures easy. If you win the contest, then it helps them to contact and inform you.
If you visit any nearby stores of boots, it may be the pharmacy or the beauty care store, or the health care treatment store, then keep the receipt with you and don’t throw it. It contains the survey code, which helps in the participation of the survey.

Customer service care

  • Boots UK Limited is a popular corporate, including pharmacies, retail shops, and beauty health care stores across the whole United kingdom states, including Norway, Ireland, Italy, Thailand, and the Netherlands.
  • For further customer care guidance, here are some information given below-
  • Customer care number – 0345 609 0055
  • Official contact website – www.boots.com/contact-us
  • Official webpage – https://www.boots.com/
  • Address – D90 WG15, Thane road, boots UK limited Nottingham.

Some Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. Does the Talktoboots survey has hard questions to answer?

Ans. No, the main purpose of this survey is to know what their customers think about them, so they need sincere and genuine answers about their thoughts and experiences. The questions are designed in such a manner that it only requires to answer on the personal view of the customer.

Q. Can a person exchange their price for another?

Ans:  The alterations of prizes are strictly against the policies of the survey. Once a person wins a prize, they cannot barter it for another, as stated above in the terms and conditions clause.

Q. Is this Talktoboots survey legit?

Ans. Yes, it is a legit survey taken by Boots corporate. The survey provides the company with some great suggestions and also helps them know about their business in another region. So without any worries, take the survey and have a chance to be the iPad winner.

Q. Are the chances of my winning the prize draw contest low if I have written not in favor of boots?

Ans. No, this survey is designed to take the sincere opinions of the people, and the prize drawing contest is a random selection winner contest, so there will be no partiality in regards to winning the lucky draw.

Q. How to establish contacts with the boots?

Ans. In the above section of customer service, we have provided many ways to reach boots. Their customer service number is 0345 609 0055. For more details, visit their site https://www.boots.com/.

Q. Can an employee of boots be eligible for the survey?

Ans. No, the employees and staff of the boots pharmaceutical and boots beauty health care stores are not eligible for taking part in the survey. Even their close family and relatives do not qualify for the eligibility criteria.

Q. What are the age limitations for participation in the Talktoboots survey?

Ans. Well, as for the age limitations, the person should be age 16 or more to be eligible for part taking in writing feedback, and the person should be age 18 or than that to qualify for entering a prize drawing contest.

Close up!

We really appreciate that you gave your time to read this article and expect that this was a helpful and informative article for you. Hopefully, your doubts and queries were answered by reading this work.

Please do take participation in this public survey taken by boots. By being a part of this survey, you are contributing towards the better improvement of your visiting experience. The survey serves as a mediate between the customer and the corporate. And by this, both the company and its customers share a discreet bond that benefits both of them.

talktoBoots is a highly reputable company that keeps its customers’ comfort as its foremost priority. They always have a vision for better improvement in their facilities and treatments of their customers. The main aim is to be a wholesome store that tends to all the necessary requirements so that the person doesn’t need to go anywhere else.

Through this survey, they have a chance to know better about their customer’s needs and experiences. With this, they can also have an overview of managing the conduct of their different stores across the country. If you have enjoyed this article, then be linked and associated with us, and we will keep you buzzed with another exciting article.

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