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Pollo Campero, a renowned restaurant chain, values the opinions of its customers and constantly strives to enhance their dining experience. To achieve this, the company established, a platform where patrons can participate in the Pollo Campero Customer Survey. This survey focuses on gathering honest feedback from loyal customers, providing them with an opportunity to share their thoughts on the quality of food and service they received.

The survey process is both simple and efficient, allowing customers to offer their valuable input without taking up too much of their time. By sharing their candid feedback, participants contribute to the continuous improvement of Pollo Campero’s operations and services. In appreciation for their input, customers may receive a validation code upon completing the survey, enabling them to enjoy a special offer during their next visit to the restaurant.

Pollo Campero

Engaging with is not only useful for the company but for the customers as well, as it helps to ensure a consistently enjoyable experience at Pollo Campero locations. Through customers’ participation and honest feedback, the restaurant chain can become even better at serving delicious meals and providing outstanding service to its patrons. Overview is the official website for the Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey, which aims to collect valuable feedback from its customers. Pollo Campero, a reputable fast-food restaurant chain, is known for its flavorful fried and grilled chicken dishes. By participating in the survey, customers can help the company understand their preferences and needs, thus enabling them to make improvements to their products and services.

To take part in the survey, customers need to visit and enter the required information from their purchase receipts. This includes the time of visit and a 10-digit coupon code. After this step, participants need to click on the “Start” button, which leads them through a series of questions related to their recent experience at Pollo Campero.

The questions in the survey may cover various aspects of the customer experience, such as the quality of food, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the overall satisfaction level. It is essential to provide honest and accurate feedback while completing the survey. This helps the company to identify areas that require improvement or enhancement.

Upon completion of the survey, participants receive a Pollo Campero Survey Coupon code, which they can use to redeem various offers during their next visit to the restaurant. Participating in Pollo Campero’s survey is a simple and effective way for customers to make their voices heard and contribute to the continuous enhancement of the company’s products and services.

In summary, provides an excellent opportunity for Pollo Campero customers to share their experiences and help improve the restaurant chain. By offering a hassle-free survey experience, the website encourages more customers to participate, allowing the company to gather essential feedback for their continuous growth and success.

Purpose of Pollo Campero Customer Survey

The Pollo Campero Customer Survey, found at, serves a crucial role in the company’s ongoing effort to improve its products and services. By gathering honest and genuine feedback from customers, Pollo Campero is better equipped to understand their needs and expectations.

Participants providing insights into their dining experience contribute to the company’s data-driven approach to enhancing the overall customer experience. The survey is designed to address various aspects of Pollo Campero’s offerings, such as food quality, service, and ambiance.

In return for their valuable time and input, customers who partake in the survey are rewarded with a coupon code to redeem on their next visit. This incentive not only encourages more people to provide feedback but also fosters customer loyalty and repeat visits.

By maintaining a focus on consistent improvement and customer satisfaction, Pollo Campero can continue evolving its business strategies and stay competitive in the fast-paced food industry. The insights gained from the customer survey serve as a foundation for informed decision-making, ultimately benefiting both the company and its patrons.

How to Participate in the Survey

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the official Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey website.
  2. Find your 17-digit coupon code at the bottom of your receipt.
  3. Enter the coupon code in the designated field and click “Next”.
  4. Complete the survey, honestly sharing your feedback and rating your overall satisfaction during your recent visit to Pollo Campero.
  5. Upon completion, you will receive a validation code that can be used to redeem the offer printed on your survey invitation.

Survey Requirements

To successfully participate in the Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a recent receipt from Pollo Campero with a 17-digit coupon code.
  • A reliable internet connection is necessary to access the survey website.
  • The survey must be completed within the time frame mentioned on the survey invitation.
  • You should be able to understand and respond in either English or Spanish.

Following these guidelines will allow you to effectively engage in the Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey, sharing your feedback and improving the dining experience for future visits.

Survey Rewards and Incentives

Participating in the Pollo Campero Customer Satisfaction Survey offers customers the chance to provide valuable feedback and express their opinions about the company’s services and products. In return for their time and input, Pollo Campero offers incentives, ensuring customer satisfaction and motivating more people to participate in the survey.

One of the primary rewards offered to participants is a coupon code upon survey completion. This coupon code holds value and can be redeemed for perks during their next visit to Pollo Campero. The incentives provided might vary depending on the location and ongoing promotions, but these rewards encourage customers to share their thoughts and experiences honestly.

To ensure that only genuine customers participate in the survey, there are certain rules and eligibility criteria, such as a minimum age requirement of 18 years. It’s important that the participants aren’t employees of Pollo Campero or their immediate family members, to maintain a fair and unbiased assessment of the company’s performance.

Given the efforts Pollo Campero puts into understanding its customers better and making improvements accordingly, the survey rewards and incentives are a worthwhile benefit. By participating, customers have the chance to express their thoughts directly to the company and contribute to the betterment of their future experiences, while also enjoying the redeemable coupon codes offered by Pollo Campero in return.

Survey Data Privacy and Usage

Pollo Campero is committed to maintaining the privacy of its customers who participate in their customer satisfaction survey, available at The company values the candid feedback they receive through the survey and encourages customers to share their opinions on their experience at Pollo Campero locations.

To ensure the security of the survey participants’ data, Pollo Campero adheres to a strict Privacy Policy available on its website. They collect personal information such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers solely for the purpose of improving their services and products. This data is not shared with third parties for marketing or any other purposes without the customer’s consent.

The survey responses are carefully analyzed and used by the Pollo Campero management team to identify areas that need improvement. This helps the company to enhance the overall customer experience and maintain its reputation for providing flavorful and high-quality chicken meals.

As an incentive for participating in the survey, Pollo Campero offers a chance to receive a coupon code that can be redeemed at their restaurants. The coupon code is provided at the end of the survey, and customers are encouraged to use it during their next visit.

By participating in the Pollo Campero customer satisfaction survey, customers can ensure that their data is protected and used responsibly while helping the company enhance its offerings and overall experience.

Contacting Pollo Campero for Support

Pollo Campero values customer feedback and has set up different channels to address any concerns or inquiries. One of the main ways customers can provide their feedback is through the survey. This platform allows customers to share their experiences and opinions regarding the service and food they received at Pollo Campero locations.

For those who wish to provide more specific feedback or have general inquiries, Pollo Campero encourages customers to visit its Contact Us page. Here, customers can choose to leave feedback about a particular restaurant location or ask questions related to the Pollo Campero brand. This page offers a simple, online form for customers to complete, which asks for their name, email address, phone number, and a detailed description of their inquiry or feedback.

For customers who prefer not to communicate online, Pollo Campero can be contacted through alternative methods such as phone or mail. To find specific contact details for a particular location or area, consider visiting the Pollo Campero website and browsing their list of restaurant locations. It is crucial to keep in mind that any communication, whether online or offline, should remain clear, respectful, and informative to ensure a fruitful response from the company.

In summary, Pollo Campero values its customers’ opinions and aims to make it as easy as possible for them to provide feedback or seek assistance. By using the survey platform, the Contact Us page, and reaching out via phone or mail, customers can voice their concerns and contribute to the restaurant’s ongoing improvement and growth.


The Pollo Campero Customer Survey, available at, plays a crucial role in enabling the company to collect valuable feedback from its customers. This information is used to improve the quality of products and services offered by Pollo Campero.

Upon completion of the survey, customers receive a validation code as a token of appreciation. This code can be redeemed for special offers at participating Pollo Campero locations. The survey process is simple and convenient, which encourages more customers to participate and share their genuine feedback.

By conducting this survey, Pollo Campero demonstrates its commitment to creating a better dining experience for its customers. It further enhances customer relationships by actively involving them in the process and valuing their opinions. As a result, participating in the TellCampero survey is a win-win situation for both Pollo Campero and its customers, leading to overall growth and improvement in the restaurant chain.


Q1. What is the purpose of the Pollo Campero customer survey?

The purpose of the Pollo Campero customer survey is to collect honest and genuine feedback from customers regarding their experiences at Pollo Campero restaurants. This feedback is valuable for the company to identify areas that require improvement and enhance the overall customer experience.

Q2. How can I access the Pollo Campero survey?

Customers can access the Pollo Campero survey by visiting or They will need their receipt with the coupon code to participate in the survey.

Q3. What types of questions are asked in the survey?

The Pollo Campero survey consists of questions related to customers’ experiences during their visit, such as food quality, service and staff behavior, restaurant cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. The survey aims to gather candid feedback on these aspects to make improvements where necessary.

Q4. Are there any rewards for participating in the survey?

Yes, participants who complete the Pollo Campero survey will receive a coupon code at the end of the survey. This coupon code can be redeemed for special offers or discounts on their next visit to a Pollo Campero restaurant.

Q5. Is it possible to provide feedback without participating in the survey?

While the survey is the primary method to collect customer feedback, customers can also provide their feedback directly to the restaurant staff during their visit or contact Pollo Campero’s customer service department to share their thoughts and concerns.

Q6. How is the collected survey data used by Pollo Campero to improve the customer experience?

Pollo Campero uses the data collected from the survey to carefully analyze customer feedback and identify areas that require improvement. This information helps the company make necessary changes to its products, services, and overall operations to enhance customer satisfaction and provide a better dining experience.

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