TellHappyStar 2023 — Official Hardee’s® Carl’s Jr.® Customer Survey

Have you ever visited a restaurant and seen the juiciest burger but ran short on money? At Hardee and Carl Jr., you never have to stress about being low on money. Hardee’s Food System Inc has launched TellHappyStar, it’s very own unique survey.  Throughout its visit, TellHappyStar imbues multiple awards for objective customer evaluations of its services. If you’ve recently eaten at a Hardee’s, leave a comment with your purchase code at for a chance at winning a $1,000 gift card or voucher. For long-term success, they need satisfied customers, which is why they conducted this TellHappyStar survey.

The objective of the validation code is to give insight into the development and effectiveness of the venture. Consumers can also utilize it to evaluate the diner in order to receive free gifts and special offers on future visits. Through good relations with its patrons, Hardee’s can guarantee your satisfaction and a pleasant visit, making this exchange service program advantageous to both parties.

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How to Survey

How to Survey

  • STEP 1 – First, you must make a purchase at Hardee’s and save your receipt.
  • STEP 2 – Visit to participate in the survey.
  • STEP 3 – By selecting the “Spanish” link, you can modify the script from English to Spanish if necessary.
  • STEP 4 – Enter the organization number from your invoice in the provided field.
  • STEP 5 – Choose the time and date of your visit, as well as your age.
  • STEP 6 – To begin the search after entering the information, click “Start.”
  • STEP 7 – After that, assess the satisfaction-related questions and provide your responses.
  • STEP 8 – You’ll be taken to the rewards page on the following page instead of the design page, as you had anticipated.
  • STEP 9 – Make sure to provide constructive criticism on your customer experience before uploading the survey.
  • STEP 10 – You will receive a validation code after finishing the survey, which you must use when making your subsequent purchase to qualify for a discount or appealing offers.

Regarding the Hardee’s Survey

  The survey focuses on the consumers’ most recent observations of the food store chain. Buyers can provide enlightening and concise feedback on their level of satisfaction. Food lovers can partake in an official customer survey to share all the details of their most recent experiences.

Below the welcome message on the homepage of, there are 4 input fields. Entering the transaction number, time, and date is all that is necessary to begin the survey. Additionally, choose Yes in the drop-down menu for the minimum age requirement.

On the receipt for the purchase are the details of the ticket. You can find the data required to start the commenting process by using a sample receipt. If you’d like, you can also select Spanish as your language.

The survey aims to help the company adjust to their clients’ packed schedules. The team at the supermarket chain gathers insightful customer feedback and opinions from the survey, which can aid in their continued growth. Complete the survey to aid the company’s efforts to enhance its offerings.

Tellhappystar Survey

Important Reminders Regarding the Survey Offer

  • Unless otherwise specified, the survey is only accepted at chosen restaurants of the franchise.
  • Each receipt can be used to receive one free item per visit.
  • Only complimentary tokens after regular breakfast hours and during regular breakfast hours are available for hash spins.

Survey Rules and Requirements

Before completing the survey, you should take into account a few TellHappyStar rules. The rules are as follows

  • Only a limited number of participating restaurants and stores will administer the TellHappyStar survey.
  • You have to be 18 years of age to be eligible for this survey.
  • To be eligible to participate in the survey, you must live in the United States.
  • A valid purchase receipt and a survey invitation code are required.
  • While grocery shopping, choose from the regular-price hash, free small drinks, or free fries.
  • 30 days after receipt, the offer expires.
  • You must speak one of the two languages because the survey is only provided in English and French.
  • You won’t be able to take the survey if your receipt doesn’t have a survey invitation code.
  • Employees of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s employees and their families are not permitted to take the survey.

Details You Must Know About the Survey

On the survey website, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are polling their loyal customers as a part of the TellHappyStar program. Giving them the best of what they serve is your aim. Customer surveys on the quality of the food, services, and environment help the business develop and give its clients the best. In order to do this, they gather both positive and negative feedback that will enable them to recognize their weaknesses and make improvements. Your ideas will bear the best results.

The TellHappyStar survey can be finished in a short amount of time. You will be able to enter the lucky draw and win a complimentary meal and a $ 1,000 gift card as gratitude for taking the time to complete the survey at

Conditions Required to Satisfy the Survey

  •  You should be acquainted with either Spanish or English.
  • Each applicant may submit only one application.
  • You must have a current TellHappyStar sales receipt available.
  • Refunds are not offered.

Rewards for Finishing the Survey

  • You will be awarded a complimentary sandwich after finishing the survey!
  • You must buy something from Hardee’s and keep your receipt to complete the survey in order to receive a quote.
  • The gift printed on your receipts, such as a free meal, a BOGO gift, and more, will determine how much money you will make.
  • You will receive a code after completing the survey, which you can use to access the offer on your receipt at a different location.
  • You can win a coupon code for an exciting deal—H. Meals are offered with the purchase of a main meal—by taking the Hardee customer survey.

What Are the Benefits of the Survey?

Your feedback will be shared with Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. management via the TellHappyStar survey. Customers have the freedom to express their complaints without interference and receive compensation.

The business is aware of the opportunity to enhance its offerings. Customers who respond to the survey occasionally provide fictitious responses. If it has been more than seven days since your last visit, you are still eligible to participate in the TellHappyStar survey. After an investigation, the code expires 30 days later.

Inquiries Posed in The Customer Survey

  • The group takes its time to complete the order.
  • The restaurant asks about the surrounding area, lodging options, facilities, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions.
  • It demands your honest review on whether the food prices are fair or not.
  • They inquire about the food quality and quantity served in the restaurant.
  • The behavior of employees and whether they act appropriately or not.

The TellHappyStar receipt survey includes a few questions on this subject. Customers who are ready to complete this survey can do so. Simply complete the survey questions honestly, without providing any false information about your service usage or purchases.

Have you ever tasted some of Hardee’s scrumptious treats? Did you enjoy the environment and the service? If so, kindly rate your dining experience on the official website www. Customer’s Hardee’s Satisfaction Survey so that it can be improved.

CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. runs Hardee’s Restaurant LLC and Carl’s Jr. Restaurant LLC. Carl and Margaret Karcher founded Carl’s Jr. in 1941. The chain now has over 1,000 franchises and restaurants in 28 other countries. Currently, there are more than 1,400 Hardee locations worldwide and 1,400 in the United States, mostly in the South and Midwest.

Wrapping Up

 Hardee’s is well-known for serving casual meals. Have you ever had the chance to eat at Hardee’s before? Is Hardee’s customer service up to your standards? The Hardee Customer Satisfaction Survey, also known as the TellHappyStar Customer Survey, was conducted online by Hardee’s to hear from their customers. There are certain questions about your latest visit to the Hardee’s websites that you must respond to.

For the restaurant to get better, your feedback is crucial. Therefore, if you would like to help Hardee’s provide better service, please visit the official website at and offer suggestions and advice.  By providing you with Hardee’s coupons as payment, Hardee’s rewards you with a special way to save money.

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