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Tellpopeyes Survey: Did you satisfy your cravings at Popeyes? Want to learn  more about the way to get a free lunch at Popeyes? Then you should understand everything about the TellPopeyes restaurant survey. The survey is necessary to better understand the customers, their experiences, and their opinions.

The Popeyes restaurant franchise is doing a study called TellPopeyes. is the best site for surveys as it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get honest feedback from customers. This article explains how to complete the TellPopeyes survey on and how it works.

Since TellPopeyes is where you get your reviews with the TellPopeyes survey code, and you can edit the code to increase your enjoyment, the customer reviews have been handpicked for you to enjoy during your visit. next access. Your experience with food and quantity checks, order accuracy, order processing speed, staff behavior, restaurant cleanliness, selection credits, and more. must be shared.

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Additionally, the main purpose of the TellPopeyes Customer Feedback Survey is to get feedback from your customers; they only do business with customers who are satisfied with their service. Even better, by taking the survey, you’ll sign up for free chickens and be able to provide feedback to TellPopeyes. Before taking up the survey there are some points you should know. Take a look below-
Official Popeyes Survey at

How to take TellPopeyes Survey

TellPopeyes – Official Popeyes Survey at

  • Step 1: You can provide feedback by visiting the official Popeyes website. The URL is (
    Step 2: From the Tellpopeyes survey pagepick the “Take Survey” tab. If you want to submit in Spanish, look for the blue alternative at the end of the web page.
  • Step 3: Next, enter the restaurant number involved, date of receipt, time, and total bill amount for your visit. If you are unsurecheck your invoice bill. Then tap the ‘START’ icon
  • Step 4: Rank your overall experience at Popeyes eating place in the order of 1 to 5.
  • Step 5: Evaluate the extent of fulfillment of consumers of TellPopeyes, which you acquire from working assistance based on the appropriate time required, greetings, order processing, and delivery, environment, and a team of workers.
  • Step 6: Now you need to rate your experience based on the taste of preparation, cleanliness of Popeyes restaurant, staff interaction, and last but not least, service value.
  • Step 7: Keep in mind if there are any problems there. If you have, please describe it. Let them know if your problem has been resolved or just ignored. You may proceed if you don’t have any difficulty.
  • Step 8:  In the order of 1 to 5rank us if you would suggest the restaurant to your mates & pals. Also, if you plan to return, please let us know. You must regard your chosen response. You ought to explicit your thoughts to the corporation.
  • Step 9: You would be given more questions regarding your previous experiences with Popeyes restaurants. Respond to them and move on. 
  • Step 10: Eventuallyregister your contact number, age, and place of your living to complete the Tellpopeyes survey. Then tap “finish”. Now your participation is validated.

 If your receipts do not look like the one in the photo when you conduct a survey and you are unsure where to look, go to the bottom and seek a link. It was a 2-minute activity that needed to be completed. 


You must know a few prerequisites in order to submit the Popeyes restaurant survey. Carefully read the below-mentioned points before starting the survey. There are several prerequisites for completing the survey, which is given below.

  • The age of a person should be 18 years old at least.
  • A digital tool has an uninterrupted net connection, like a laptoppccellphone, or tablet.
  • Proof of your last visit to a Popeyes restaurant.
  • Basic English and Spanish skills are required.
  • These are the basic minimums for completion of the survey.

Please keep in mind that the survey invitation code is still only valid for two days after you purchase it. So act quickly before the invitation code expires.


In order to complete a survey on, some rules must be met. Here are the guidelines:

  • Customers have to be over the age of 16.
  • The customer must be a US citizen.
  • To participate in a TellPopeyes survey, a customer must have visited at least one of the Popeyes restaurants.
  • Family members of Popeye employees may not participate in TellPopeyes surveys.
  • Customers can only do a single survey at a time and can only take one survey each month.
  • They must have their meal receipt on hand.
  • Check that they have the TellPopeyes survey invitation code.

Terms & Conditions

While using this website, there are a few Terms of Service set forth below, as well as any other terms and conditions put forth in the Privacy Policy that should be kept in mind.

  • You promise to supply us with your genuine, current email address and name when you register for commenting and when your information changes.
  • You are prohibited from breaking lawsregulations, and ordinances.
  • You must not generate responsibility for us or cause us to lose any of our ISPs’ services.
  • You should not hack or engage in any other action that may damage, interfere with, intercept, or expropriate any system, data, or personal information. 
  • You are not permitted to harass any user or publish any obscene or pornographic content on the website, in the comment system, or in any other way.
  • You agree to alert promptly of any unauthorized or inappropriate use of or any other website as well as any other known or suspected security violation.

For your next tasty two-piece supper. Let us now look at the advantages and perks

Benefits & Rewards

The customer experience is an aspect that will improve things. review survey will connect you with the restaurant, allowing them to respond to you and address your issues. After that, they will update the service to make it more reliable.

  • You will be able to win two free portions of chicken and biscuits when you submit the tellpopeyes survey at Popeyes, Additionally, there is an opportunity to win a $100 gift voucher (Tellpopeyes Survey Rewards). Don’t hesitate; go for it immediately.
  • Tellpopeyes surveys not only make your point of view acknowledged and your voice heard, but also going to also reward you with several freebies.

Just add the following benefits:

  •  Complete and submit the Tell Popeyes form to be accepted into the contest.
  • The giveaway winner will be disclosed on the website
  • If your destiny leads you here, you will be given a $1000 gift voucher. As an added benefit, it will not be transferable or redeemed for anybody other than you.
  • The company will get in touch with you through your submitted e-mail with the required information.
  •  If you don’t win the voucher, it’s okay the free chicken & biscuits are not that awful. Tellpopeyes opinion poll for two pieces isn’t such a bad deal.

Customer Service

Popeye Restaurants adheres to each of its customer’s needs. They have provided all the necessary details required for their customer’s service requirements. For customer service, you can refer to the following contact information provided by Tellpopeyes-

  • If you report fraud to Tellpopeyes at 1-877-767-3937, you can contact them. or report a grievance with them.
  • Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen is situated at 400 Perimeter center Terraces, Suite thousand, Atlanta, GA 30346, America. 

You may also contact [email protected].


Q1: Why can’t we use one bill for two participants?

Ans: No, one bill is only accepted for one entry. An individual can take part once a month.

Q2: How many times each month am I allowed to participate?

Ans: You can engage in TellPopeyes once a month. The survey’s objective is to enhance the accuracy of the research, thus honest input is required once a month.

Q3: Is the only method for getting involved in the survey online?

Ans: Yes. You may just take this survey online.

Q4: What are the things required to participate in the Tellpopeyes survey,

The important things required are the relevant number of the restaurant, the date on the receipt, the time, and the total bill amount for your visit.

Q5: Do you have a way to reach out to share your concern?

Ans: Yes, there are several avenues to communicate your issue on the company’s behalf. If you have any problems concerning the survey, please use the information below to contact support.

Q6: Will I get $1,000 in cash?

Ans:: No, you will receive a gift card if you are selected.


The crucial thing to remember is that the information is about the TellPopeyes probe Hope you have the details you need. If you’ve got any questions concerning the TellPopeyes Satisfaction Survey, send them to and share them with your pals on social media. More prizes may be found at

If you frequent Popeyes, always use the TellPopeyes survey code. The benefits are enormous. Who wouldn’t want free chicken in exchange for a chance at winning $1,000? We exchange information to make the entire process go more smoothly. Remember that your involvement will enrich your next dining visit. Your candid feedback is important to us. 

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