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Does RAM Restaurants & Brewery satisfy your food cravings? Do you want to know more about how to get a free meal from RAM Restaurants & Brewery? Then, you should know everything about the survey conducted by RAM Restaurants & Brewery. The survey is required to understand the customers, their experience, and their opinions.

The TelltheRam Survey is an opportunity for customers to express their opinions on the restaurant. The RAM Restaurants & Brewery Guest Experience Survey is all about your new experience. It is intended to gauge client happiness by asking certain questions.

Participation in this RAM Restaurants & Brewery Opinion Survey will allow you to communicate with the company and tell them what you liked and disliked so that they may optimize your shopping experience. Based on the information gathered, improvements to customer service, employees, and even products are planned.

The RAM Restaurant & Brewery Guest Experience Survey is a brief online form, and we appreciate your honesty and the time you took to complete it. After completing the online TelltheRam.com survey, RAM Restaurant & Brewery is giving survey respondents an opportunity to enter the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Giveaway for a chance at winning a $100 Gift Card.

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How To Take RAM Restaurant & Brewery Guest Survey

  • Visit TelltheRam.com.
  • Click Start after selecting the region where you ate at the restaurant.
  • Specify the location by clicking the next button after selecting the radio option next to the address.
  • Give your response to the query regarding referring friends to the place.
  • Respond to inquiries concerning the employees, such as if you were greeted when you arrived.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the restaurant’s and the bathrooms’ cleanliness.
  • Answer questions regarding the food and beverages that were served, such as whether you got what you requested and whether the meal was presented at the right temperature.
  • Add additional commentary. They could be advantageous or detrimental.
  • Enter the contest. Register your contact number, name, and your email address to complete the survey. 


In order to provide Telltheram Survey, you need to understand a few prerequisites. Carefully read the below-mentioned points before starting the survey.

  • A connection to the internet.
  • A digital tool has an uninterrupted net connection, like a laptop, pc, cellphone, or tablet.
  • Basic English skills are required. 
  • Each participant is required to provide a legitimate e-mail address.
  • Please spend a few minutes filling out the survey.


In order to complete a survey on Telltheram Survey, some rules must be met. Here are the guidelines:

  • A participant should be either a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident of the country.
  • The age of a person should be 18 years old at least.
  • Customers at RAM Restaurant & Brewery may fill out up to two surveys per receipt each month.
  • Participants who have never held a position with RAM Restaurant & Brewery are eligible.
  • Recent employees, partner companies, and members of their close relatives are not eligible to participate.
  • A duration of seven days will be given to fill out the survey after utilizing your receipt of purchase.
  • The participants may be suspended by RAM Restaurant & Brewery without having to give a reason.

Terms & Conditions

While using this website, there are a few Terms of Service set forth below, as well as any other terms and conditions put forth in the Privacy Policy that should be kept in mind.

  • To participate in the TellTheRam Survey, you must make a purchase and make a payment.
  • Participants need to be citizens or legal permanent residents of the US.
  • Age – To participate in the RAM Survey Giveaway, minimum age of 18 years old is required.
  • Respondents who are customers of RAM Restaurant Sponsor are eligible to participate the daily sweepstakes.
  • A digital tool having an uninterrupted net connection, like a laptop, pc, cellphone, or tablet is required.
  • The Internet-connected device with a net connection.
  • Each Participant is only permitted to enter the sweepstakes a maximum of once per month.
  • Price of the survey: The given prizes must be accepted, and they are not transferrable.
  • There’s no opportunity to pay with cash.

Benefits & Rewards

Once the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Customer Opinion has been completed Survey,

You’ll receive a coupon for RAM Restaurant & Brewery. Additionally, by using this code, you will be entered to win a RAM Restaurant & Brewery Gift Card good for $100 off of a future meal at RAM Restaurant & Brewery.

Note: Please keep in mind that the reward system for taking this survey is likely to fluctuate at any time. Your “Survey Incentive” is evaluated solely by the details on your receipt. As a result, pay great attention to the details on your receipt.

You will receive either of the three benefits-

  • Gift Card for $100 at RAM Restaurant & Brewery
  • Upon completion, you will be given a chance to win a $100 RAM Restaurant & Brewery gift card each month for use on future purchases by entering a monthly drawing.

Customer Service

RAM Restaurants adheres to each of its customer’s needs. They have provided all the necessary details required for their customer’s service requirements. For customer service, you can refer to the following contact information provided by Telltheram-

  •   If you report fraud to Telltheram at 1-253-588-1788, you can contact them or report a grievance to them
  •   RAM Restaurants & Brewery is 10019 59th Ave SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-2757.


 How many times each month am I allowed to participate?

  Ans: You can engage in Telltheram.com once a month. The survey’s objective is to enhance the accuracy of the research, thus honest input is required once a month.

 Is the only method for getting involved in the survey online?

 Ans: Yes. You may just take this survey online.

How can I obtain a free copy of the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Consumer Survey?

Ans: At the nearby RAM Restaurant & Brewery, purchase your groceries. Maintain the receipt. Respond to each question in the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Survey. After completing the survey, write down the voucher number.

What do you receive if you participate in the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Ans: Participants will get an authorization number as part of the RAM Restaurant & Brewery Questionnaire Reward, which enables them to redeem the reward.

Do you have a way to reach out to share your concern?

Ans: Yes, there are several avenues to communicate your issue on the company’s behalf. If you have any problems concerning the survey, please use the information below to contact support.


The crucial thing to remember is that the information is about the Telltheram probe Hope you have the details you need. If you’ve got any questions concerning the Telltheram Survey, send them to www.TelltheRam.com and share them with your pals on social media. More prizes may be found at www.TelltheRam.com. If you frequent RAM Restaurants, always use the TelltheramSurvey code. The benefits are enormous. Who wouldn’t want free chicken in exchange for a chance at winning $100?

We exchange information to make the entire process go more smoothly. Remember that your involvement will enrich your next dining visit. Your candid feedback is important to us.

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