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Tesco, one of the United Kingdom’s leading supermarkets, values customer feedback to enhance the shopping experience for its patrons. To gather this valuable input, the company has initiated a customer satisfaction survey referred to as Tesco Views. The survey aims to collect insights into customer preferences, shopping experiences, and areas of improvement from a diverse range of Tesco customers.

By participating in the Tesco Views survey, customers are not only contributing to the betterment of their favorite grocery store but also stand a chance to win enticing rewards. Successfully completing the survey grants participants an entry into a monthly prize draw to win a £1000 Tesco gift card. Moreover, customers who are part of the company’s loyalty program, Clubcard holders, receive an additional benefit of 25 Clubcard Points after completing the survey.


The process of taking part in the Tesco Views survey is straightforward, requiring only a recent purchase receipt with a valid survey invitation. Accessible through the official survey website, it enables customers to provide their feedback and aids Tesco in maintaining its commitment to enhancing the overall retail experience for all of its valued clientele.

TescoViews Overview

TescoViews is an online platform where customers can share their feedback about their shopping experience at Tesco stores. By completing the Tesco Views customer survey, participants have the chance to enter a monthly bonus draw and win a £1000 Tesco gift card. Additionally, customers who own a Clubcard can earn 25 Clubcard Points for every survey they complete.

Tesco uses the valuable feedback provided through these surveys to improve the overall shopping experience for its customers. By participating in the survey, customers can voice their concerns, suggest improvements, and help Tesco create a better shopping environment.


To take the survey, customers need to visit the TescoViews website, where they will be prompted to answer questions about their recent visit to a Tesco store. During the survey, customers are invited to rate various aspects of the store, including cleanliness, product selection, and employee assistance.

Once the survey is completed, customers will be required to provide their contact information, which is essential for their entry into the £1000 Tesco gift card draw. Also, Clubcard holders need to enter their card numbers to receive the 25 Clubcard Points bonus.


With several customer service options available, Tesco ensures that its customers receive adequate support for any questions or concerns regarding the survey or other services. The phone number for Tesco customer service is 0800 50 5555.

By gathering and analyzing valuable feedback from the TescoViews survey, the company continuously strives to enhance and adapt its services to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its diverse customer base.


Participation in TescoViews

Eligibility and Requirements

TescoViews is an online customer satisfaction survey initiated by Tesco, the largest supermarket chain in the UK. Participants who complete the survey have a chance to win a £1,000 Tesco gift card and collect free 25 Clubcard points. To ensure a fair and smooth experience, there are certain eligibility requirements that survey participants must meet:

  1. Age: Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Residency: Participants should reside in the United Kingdom.
  3. Shopping experience: Participants must have a recent shopping experience at a Tesco store.

Keep in mind that Tesco employees, their family members, and affiliates are not eligible to participate in the survey.


Steps to Participate

To participate in the TescoViews survey and enter for a chance to win the prize, follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain a survey invitation: A recent Tesco receipt can serve as a survey invitation. The receipt contains a unique survey code required to access the online survey.
  2. Visit the survey website: Navigate to www.tescoviews.com to access the survey portal.
  3. Enter survey code: Find the unique survey code on the receipt and enter it in the designated field on the website.
  4. Complete the survey: Respond to all the questions in the survey, providing honest feedback based on the shopping experience at Tesco.
  5. Submit personal information: At the end of the survey, participants will be required to submit their contact information, including their name, email address, and Clubcard number, if applicable.

By completing these steps, participants will be entered into the prize drawing for a £1,000 Tesco gift card and earn 25 Clubcard points. Remember, participation is voluntary, and honest feedback is highly appreciated to help Tesco improve its products and services.


Rewards and Benefits

Tesco Gift Cards

Tesco offers a chance for its customers to win a £1,000 gift card through the Tescoviews.com survey. This survey aims to gather valuable feedback from customers to improve the overall shopping experience at Tesco. By participating in the survey, customers not only get a chance to win the gift card but also contribute to the enhancement of Tesco’s products and services.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, making it a quick and easy way for customers to share their thoughts and potentially receive a significant reward. The £1,000 Tesco gift card can be used in-store or online, giving the winner a wide range of shopping options.


Clubcard Points

In addition to the gift card opportunity, Tesco also rewards customers with 25 Clubcard points for completing the survey. Clubcard points can be collected and redeemed at various Tesco businesses, such as Tesco Grocery Stores, Tesco Cafes, and Tesco.com online grocery orders. Clubcard points can be used to get discounts or to pay for items in-store or online.

Clubcard points offer added value for regular Tesco shoppers, as the points can be accumulated over time and used for future purchases. The 25 Clubcard points awarded for completing the survey are a small yet valuable incentive for customers to share their feedback, helping Tesco to continually improve and better serve its customers.

Customer Feedback Importance

Customer feedback plays a vital role in the success of any business. It offers a valuable opportunity for companies to learn about their audience on a deeper level and gain insights into how customers perceive their products and services. Companies like Tesco are always looking for ways to improve their customer experience and are investing time and resources into gathering customer feedback through initiatives like the Tesco Customer Survey.

One way in which customer feedback contributes to the growth of a business is by guiding improvements in customer experience. When customers share their experiences and opinions about a company, its products, or services, it helps businesses identify areas where they can make enhancements. This, in turn, leads to a more satisfied and loyal customer base.

Another advantage of customer feedback is that it helps companies understand customers’ preferences and habits. By analyzing the feedback provided, companies can make informed decisions about their products, services, and marketing strategies to better cater to their customers. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also contributes to the overall business performance.

In the case of e-commerce businesses, customer feedback is particularly crucial when it comes to the selection of products and inventory management. By understanding what customers desire and expect from the company’s offerings, businesses can make more informed decisions about which products to stock and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

Lastly, gathering customer feedback can also empower positive change within a company. Not only can it help departments like customer service and product teams to improve their offerings, but it can also provide insights for higher-level executives, giving them a clear understanding of what areas need improvement or focus.

To sum it up, customer feedback is essential for a company’s growth and success. By gathering and analyzing it effectively, businesses can improve their offerings, make smarter decisions, and ultimately build a more satisfied and loyal customer base.


Q1.What are Tesco’s Views?

A: Tesco Views is a website where customers can share their feedback about Tesco products and services.

Q2.How do I give feedback on Tesco Views?

A: To give feedback on Tesco Views, you can either:

      • Complete a feedback survey.
      • Leave a comment on a product or service page.
      • Contact Tesco customer service.

Q3.What kind of feedback can I give on Tesco Views?

A: You can give feedback on anything related to Tesco, including:

          • Products
          • Services
          • Stores
          • Website
          • Customer service

Q4. How will my feedback be used?

A: Tesco uses feedback from Tesco Views to improve its products, services, and customer experience.

Q5.Is my feedback anonymous?

A: Yes, your feedback on Tesco Views is anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact information.

Q6.How can I learn more about Tesco Views?

A: You can learn more about Tesco Views by visiting the website or contacting Tesco customer service.

Here are some additional FAQs that you may find helpful:

Q7.How often is feedback collected on Tesco Views?

A: Feedback is collected on Tesco Views on a continuous basis.

Q8. How is feedback analyzed on Tesco Views?

A: Feedback on Tesco Views is analyzed using a variety of methods, including sentiment analysis, keyword analysis, and customer journey mapping.

Q9. How is feedback used to improve Tesco’s products and services?

A: Feedback from Tesco Views is used to identify areas for improvement, prioritize improvement initiatives, and measure the impact of improvement efforts.

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