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Whataburger is a Texas-based fast-food chain that allows its customers to rate its services using the Whataburger Visit Survey. The survey is available online for their customers in the US. Customers can give valuable feedback about the restaurant’s atmosphere, infrastructure, service, meals, etc.

The feedback from the consumer is precious to brands as it allows them to implement meaningful changes that improve their business in the future.What is better than when a company reaches out to its customers so you can have the opportunity to rate them? You get the chance to give honest feedback to the corporation about your experiences with their products and services, and you also get rewarded for it! Whataburger gives you the same opportunity with their survey.  

Official Whataburger Customer Survey

Whataburger was established by Harmon Dobson in Texas back in the 1950s. The signature burger at Whataburger was huge, unlike more conventional fast-food burgers; it was so large that it required two hands to eat! The idea behind naming the company “Whataburger” was simply that the quality and flavor of the burger would be so good that, when biting into it, you could not help but exclaim, “What a Burger!”

How to Take the Whataburger Survey

The twenty-first Whataburger location was the first branch to be established outside Texas. It was opened in Florida, marking the beginning of the expansion of the beloved chain. Their specialties include American classics such as hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, shakes, and much more. Whataburger also launched a food truck that traveled across the country. 

Survey NameWhataburger Customer Survey
Survey URLhttps://www.whataburgerfeedback.com/
Survey PrizeFree Whataburger with the purchase of a medium fry and medium drink on your next visit
Receipt Valid3 Days
Offer Expires30 days after the receipt date
Survey Limit1 per person, per receipt
Offer LimitLimit one Free item per receipt and per visit

At present, there are more than 800 Whataburger restaurants in many locations, including New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, etc. Out of these restaurants, 126 are franchised.  The iconic orange-and-white logo is a striped “W” that signifies the initial letter of Whataburger. Now, the restaurant also offers drive-through 24-hour services. 

Whataburger has managed to maintain its quality since its inception in the1950s. The burgers are still so big that they require both hands. Though they offer classic fast-food options, they bring a level of taste and quality that you can only find at their stores. Whataburger is considered the ‘Best Regional Fast Food in the United States by USA Today’s Readers’ Choice Awards. check also www.Lowes.com/Survey  

How to Take the Whataburger Survey

Fortunately, taking the Whataburger survey is much like taking any other online survey. Customers need to visit https://www.whataburgervisit.com/ to take the survey. The complete procedure is listed below:

whataburger survey from official website

Step 1: Survey Code

On your receipt from your latest visit to Whataburger, there should be a survey code. Enter this onto the website. If you cannot find the survey code, you can click on the relevant hyperlink provided (see image above). Once you enter the survey code, you will automatically be directed to the next step.

Step 2: Q&A

On the next page, you will be asked some questions about your experience with Whataburger. Be sure to answer these questions honestly; your feedback is valuable to the company. You will be prompted to answer all the questions before being allowed to move to the next step. 

Step 3: Verification Code

After answering all the questions, you will be asked for an email address to which you will be sent a verification code. Make sure to write this validation code on the receipt you used to complete the survey.

Step 4: Get your Reward:

Whenever you next visit Whataburger, take the receipt with the verification code written on it with you. You will be rewarded with a free Whataburger with the purchase of a medium fry and medium drink. Luckily, this process is so simple!

Things to Keep in Mind

The above offer is undoubtedly tempting, and you must make sure to redeem it if you are eligible. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind before completing the survey. Firstly, this offer is only applicable to US citizens above the age of 18. Additionally, each receipt is only valid for three days. Therefore, you will need to take the survey within three days of your last purchase at Whataburger.  

whataburger survey official survey at whataburger.com

Once you have completed the survey and received the validation code, you must redeem it with the next purchase within 30 days, as the validation code is valid for 30 days only.  

Only one person can use the code on the receipt. Transferring the reward to someone else is prohibited; only the individual who received the survey code can use the offer. Moreover, the offer is limited to only one free item per receipt and visit. Lastly, employees of Whataburger are not allowed to use this offer as this would demonstrate a conflict of interest. 

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Why Customer Feedback is Crucial to Whataburger

When firms and companies create surveys, they primarily have one motive: to get valuable feedback from their customers. Customer feedback is very crucial for any firm so that they can improve their goods and services. 

 Whataburger has created this survey with specific objectives: 

  • To learn their customers’ point of view about the food and service the restaurant  
  • To satisfy the demands of customers  
  • To improve the service, meal quality, and infrastructure of the restaurant
  • To provide customers with an option to express their expectations and concerns for the brand  

By taking the survey, the customer thus helps the firm immensely, which is why Whataburger rewards them with a free meal. 

Pros and Cons of the Whataburger Survey


Most customers take the survey since it is quite lucrative: 

  • The company gets valuable feedback from its customers.
  • Customers earn the reward of a free burger with a purchase of a medium fry and medium drink.
  • Customers feel more involved in how the restaurants are run.
  • The company can increase the demand and popularity of the fast-food chain.
  • It benefits regular customers who are likely to eat at Whataburger often anyway, regardless of whether they are earning a free burger or not.


Although the survey is very attractive and straightforward to fill out, it does have some disadvantages:

  • Some customers do not answer the questions honestly because they want to finish the survey quickly to obtain the offer, meaning the feedback the corporation receives is not true to the actual customer experience.
  • The survey code is only valid for three days after the purchase, meaning you have a limited time to complete the survey.
  • The verification code that allows you to redeem the free burger expires within 30 days of you receiving it, so you must visit Whataburger within that short time frame.
  • You must purchase the medium fries and medium drink to be able to redeem the free burger. 
  • Most Whataburger locations are in the Southeast of the US, making it difficult for people in other regions to make use of this offer.

What Customers Have to Say about Whataburger

Whataburger has reached significant popularity and has maintained its reputation in the market. Patrons are more than satisfied with their service, quality of food, and deals. The option to fully customize their many burgers and sandwiches only add to their appeal. The packaging looks very classy compared to other mainstream fast-food chains. Customers are keen to point out that Whataburger provides exceptional service and that they always feel satisfied when they leave the restaurant. 

The most important thing they offer is their online survey that rewards its customers with a free burger. Their survey is available for all their US-based customers. Due to their service and quality meals, Whataburger has attained a remarkable position in the food service industry. According to QSR magazine, Whataburger has secured 25th rank worldwide, making it a must-try fast-food location!


Q1. What is the Whataburger Survey?

A1: The Whataburger survey is conducted by Whataburger to get feedback from their customers. 

Q2. How does the survey benefit customers?

A2: When a customer completes the survey, they earn the reward of a free burger at Whataburger with the purchase of medium fries and a medium drink.

Q3. What is a survey code, and where can I find it?

A3: The survey code is a crucial aspect of the survey required to redeem your reward. Customers can find this survey code on their receipt from their latest purchase at Whataburger. However, if the code is missing from your receipt for any reason, you can find the code on the survey site: https://www.whataburgervisit.com/. You need to click on the hyperlink where it says, “If your receipt does not have a survey code, click here”.

Q4. Who is eligible for the survey?

A4: All customers who are above 18 years of age and are citizens of the US are eligible for the survey. There are some other terms and conditions that customers need to adhere to if they want to earn the reward. 

Q5. Where can we find this survey?

A5: Customers can fill out this survey by visiting the official Whataburger website: https://www.whataburgervisit.com/.

Q6. What if I want something other than medium fries and a medium drink? Will the offer apply to that too?

A6: Unfortunately, customers who wish to get their free burger are limited to buying medium fries and a medium drink to claim it. You cannot purchase other items or redeem other items from the menu.

Q7. What if I do not use the survey code within three days?

A7: The survey code expires after three days of purchase, after which you will not be able to fill out the survey to redeem your reward.

Q8. What is Whataburger?

A8:  Whataburger is a fast-food chain that operates out of the US. It is famous for its burgers, hamburgers, fries, drinks, etc. The restaurant has more than 800 branches.

Q9. Are Whataburger and What-A-Burger the same?

A9: People usually get confused between Whataburger and What-A-Burger. They are actually two different restaurants with similar names and the same pronunciation. They were both established at the same time but were unaware of each other. Both companies came to an agreement that ensured their co-existence.

Q10. Can I get other offers if I complete the survey?

A10: Customers do not have a choice to choose among offers. They need to purchase medium fries and a medium drink to get their free burger.

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